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Electrical installation condition report Waltham Abbey

Electrical Installation Condition Report Waltham Abbey, EN9

You care about the safety and efficiency of your house – you wouldn’t leave a wall to crumble, and you wouldn’t let a broken table stay broken. It is harder with electricity, as you can’t easily see what is going on. However, it is important for you to know the condition of your electrical system, so that you can intervene accordingly to ensure the safety of your building. We provide electrical installation condition reports for all buildings in the Waltham Abbey, EN9 area and surroundings, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is an electrical installation condition report?

The electrical installation condition report, often abbreviated to EICR, is exactly what its name says it is: a detailed report of the condition of electrical wiring installations in a building. Its purpose is to check up on a building’s safety in order to maintain it.

As the owner or occupier of the building, you will receive information about where installations have deteriorated over time, and where they have been damaged

In order to make understanding and action as easy as possible, in the report all faults and issues are coded. The code is:

C1 for immediate danger

C2 for a potentially dangerous condition

C3 safety improvements are recommended to stay in line with current regulations.

An additional code is F1, which means that we have found a problem that could not be fully identified.

If you get any of these codes, then you must take action to prevent fire or injury risk.

Why should I get an electrical installation condition report in Waltham Abbey, EN9?

Problems in electrical systems are a very relevant fire risk. To increase the safety of your building, you should make sure that cables, sockets, accessories and switches are checked. This will be particularly necessary if your building is quite old, as newer buildings tend to be more up to date with their security controls.

Moreover, there are legal consequences to not carrying out your EICR, especially for businesses. The report includes Fixed Wire Testing to check the design and safety of the electrical system. This Fixed Wire Testing is a necessary element of complying with the electrical wiring regulations covered in the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations. Landlords and managers in work spaces can be prosecuted under health and safety law if the inspection is not regularly carried out.

Yet another reason to carry out your electrical installation condition report is insurance conditions. If you have any insurance claims coming from problematic electrical installations, they will be invalidated without regular testing.

How can I tell if my electrical system is old in Waltham Abbey, EN9?

There are many signs which can help you recognise old electrical systems. For example, if the fuse box has a wooden back, or is in fact a mixture of fuse boxes, or has cast iron switches, then it was probably made before the 1960s. If the fixed cables are coated in black rubber, lead, or fabric, then you can also assume that they are from before the 60s. The presence of light switches on walls or in bathrooms can also be such a sign. Or, lastly, the presence of older round pin sockets, brown or black switches, as well as sockets mounted in, the lack of skirting boards, or braided flex hanging from ceiling roses.

Even if your electrical system is not very old, use and time will definitely wear it out, so you should try and check it every ten years or so.

What’s the purpose of a condition report in Waltham Abbey, EN9?

An electrical installation condition report has 5 main aims:

1. Find out if there is anything that might cause an electric shock.

2. Find and report damage or wear and tear that could be safety risks.

3. Identify electrical installations, or parts of electrical installations, that do not comply with the IET Wiring Regulation

4. Write down the results of the testing and the inspection to ensure the safety of the electrical installation in question.

5. Create a record of the installation at a certain time, which can be a helpful guideline for future inspection testing.

What kinds of condition reports exist?

There are two main types:

Type 1: Visual condition report in Waltham Abbey, EN9

As indicated by the name, this does not entail testing. Do not use this unless you have tested the installation recently and have no need of another test check.

Type 2: Periodic inspection report in Waltham Abbey, EN9

This is the most effective type of report, for it tests many aspects of the installation to find any damage that is not visible to the eye.

When, and how often, should I get an electrical installation condition report?

As we have recommended above, every ten years is ideal. However, the period between inspections will depend on your specific risk assessment and on the type of building we are talking about. You should always carry out inspections before and after major building work, and even before and after major equipment alterations. If changes to the electrical system are being made, then an electrical installation condition report is also highly recommended. Lastly, to ensure maximum security, you should get it done when you take over a building from a previous owner or tenant in Waltham Abbey, EN9.

What will the testing process be?

Our highly trained and experienced engineers in Waltham Abbey, EN9 will do a series of tests on your property. They will always start with a visual inspection, which will immediately find anything that is clearly broken, or which is simply installed in the wrong place.

Then, our engineers will use test meters and carry out a series of tests. They will also use a thermal imaging camera to find problems in the circuits that are not visible to the eye, especially if the electrical system cannot be fully powered off. As always, contact us to discuss the details of your needs, and our tests will be carried out in the least intrusive way possible.

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